SOC X 2023

Oct 27, 2021 2:15:00 PM / by Kelley Wilds

The Recon InfoSec team is excited to announce that SOC X™, the Professional SOC Team World Championship, will return on March 2, 2023!

In 2021, SOC X hosted hundreds of competitors from 18 countries in a grueling 1-day event. The teams faced 3 full intrusions with over 400 challenges involving named APT groups. The result was a fun day of competition for the teams and spectators! Read the full 2021 SOC X Recap Here.

The goal of SOC X is to inspire blue teams to raise the bar and to crown the Best Security Operations team on the planet. SOC X brings together the best professional SOC and IR teams in the world to compete in the first-of-its-kind blue team competition. Public and private organizations from around the world field a single team of their 5 best SOC and IR operators. From remote locations, teams simultaneously face Advanced Persistent Threats on a live-fire network, answering challenges, and ultimately crowning the Professional SOC Team World Champion.

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Kelley Wilds

Written by Kelley Wilds

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