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Advanced Email Protection to be Thrilled About

If you use a computer for work, you use email, it’s a standard in every industry today. Email is critical for organizations to communicate across teams, with customers, clients, and vendors, and even to receive automated notifications from different systems. The diversity of email sources makes it a ripe target of opportunity for malicious actors and a primary threat vector for every organization. That's why Recon InfoSec was thrilled to add Advanced Email Protection (AEP) service. In this blog post, we'll delve into how AEP is revolutionizing email security for our clients.

Recon can Stop Attackers Before Compromise

We take our customers’ security concerns seriously. Today, email is the top delivery mechanism for malware and the number one vector used by ransomware actors. A successful phishing campaign can result in credential compromise, data theft, or even wire fraud. According to IBM the top two most expensive data breach vectors in 2023 were Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Phishing. With AEP our analysts can meet the attackers at the front door. Adding fully managed email security to our service offering means Recon InfoSec analysts are fully equipped to see the phishing campaigns targeting your organization and prevent those attacks, instead of responding to the fallout of a successful phishing campaign.


Next Generation Email Security With Sublime

Sublime Security (, leveraged by our AEP service, is a game-changer in email security. It empowers us to leverage every ounce of email content as telemetry, not just the headers. This means we have unprecedented flexibility in our malicious email detection rules. Furthermore, Sublime's advanced capabilities, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on images, ensure that even text within images doesn't escape our scrutiny.

Customized Email Alerting

Recon understands every customer is unique which equates to unique uses for email and unique threats for each organization. Our engineers are able to tailor detections to your environment so that we get fewer false positives and we can catch threats that would bypass the traditional out-of-box solutions that are available.

Less Work for Your Team

Handling suspicious email reports can take a lot of time for larger organizations. With AEP all of those suspicious email reports are handled by our analysts. Recon InfoSec analysts will analyze any suspicious emails your employees report and will quarantine them from all inboxes when they are malicious. Your users also get notified of the disposition of the email they reported once analysis is complete. Not only that, but if any of our customers’ users catch a malicious email that was able to bypass current detection rules, our detection engineers create a new rule to hunt all customer environments and ensure similar malicious emails are stopped in the future.

Seamless Integration With our MSO Service

One of the key features of our AEP service is its seamless integration with our Managed Security Operations (MSO) service. By directly tying email as a telemetry source into your security infrastructure, we're effectively closing the gap that many organizations overlook. We are able to pull indicators found in malicious email and evaluate your cloud and on-prem environments for additional risk.

Works With Your Existing Email Security Tools or Solo

Already have an email security gateway you like? That’s not a problem. Sublime integrates directly with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace mailboxes which allows you to continue to use your existing gateway. Deployments with our current customers have proven our custom detections can catch phishing emails your other products miss. If you do not have any additional email security products in place, AEP will keep you protected without the need for an additional gateway.


In today's cyber threat landscape, email security is non-negotiable. Recon InfoSec's AEP service represents a significant leap forward in fortifying organizations against the pervasive threat of email-based attacks. By recognizing email as the front door of cybersecurity and deploying cutting-edge solutions like AEP, organizations can ensure that their digital assets remain secure from malicious actors. Don't leave your front door wide open – let Recon InfoSec's AEP service safeguard your organization's most critical entry point.