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Recon Launches Network Defense Range (NDR) Live Online

The Recon team is thrilled to announce our newest offering, NDR Live Online!

Over the last few years the demand for Recon’s NDR has grown tremendously. While many large commercial organizations and even military units have contracted private engagements, until now our only public courses were at Black Hat USA. NDR Live Online gives organizations the opportunity to develop individual analysts and teams with remotely-delivered, live-fire, scenario-based, experiential training throughout the year.

What is NDR?

NDR is a training platform that enables SOC analysts, threat hunters, and incident responders to go toe-to-toe with advanced adversaries in a diverse, simulated enterprise environment.

It is a modern approach to security operations training that builds experience with investigative methodology and process, best of breed digital forensics and incident response tools, while exposing students to the latest threat actor tactics and techniques.

NDR builds on fundamentals and develops experience while teaching analysts to work together as a team. We pride ourselves in the high-fidelity nature of our simulated environment: from the organic traffic generation and simulated users on workstations carrying out their day-to-day tasks, to the strategically executed adversary emulation activities providing for very complex and interesting investigations.

What NDR Live Online Courses are Available?

NDR Live Online brings our instructor-led, virtual training directly to YOU every other month starting in November. There are 4 courses offered during the week: Essentials, Operations, Core and Range Day.

The structure of the week is intended to be accessible for all skill levels. Entry-level participants and those looking for a refresher on investigative methodology can attend the Essentials or Core courses. Experienced analysts looking to dive straight into highly sophisticated scenarios based on recent threat actors can hit the ground running with Operations. Range Days provide additional experience in specific components of threat hunting and incident response.


A two-day course focused on developing solid security analysts and incident responders. In this course, we give students hands-on experience with significant threat groups and attacker techniques. Our live enterprise network offers individual analyst experience with systematic hunting in a complex environment.

Register for an Essentials course here.


Operations picks up where Essentials leaves off with 2 range days that emphasize information security team dynamics. In this course, we give students hands-on experience operating as a team against significant threat groups and attacker techniques. Our live enterprise network enables students to hunt within a complex environment, coordinate as a team, and systematically assess efforts.

Register for an Operations course here.


Core is the 4 range day combination of Essentials and Operations. It is the most effective single week of security operations training available. Individual analysts or teams can begin with the foundations in Essentials, and then seamlessly transition into more advanced, team-focused training in Operations as a combined, progressive event.

Register for a Core course here.


Range Days are to security analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters what flight simulators are to fighter pilots: the best way to build experience without catastrophic consequence. They are opportunities for hunters and their teams to grow their experience, stay current with the latest threat actors, and keep their security operations teams sharp.

Register for a Range Day here.

What do Students say About NDR?

“Your cyber range is a feat of wonder. It’s detailed, realistic, and fun.”  CISO Health Care Organization
“For any leadership reading these, this is the kind of training we want.” USAF Cyber Warfare Operator
“It was a great experience. I feel as if I have significantly improved as an operator because of it.” DoD Student Feedback
"Absolutely fantastic course. Provides invaluable "live-fire" experience in incident response and threat hunting. Far better than any previous training (I've) taken." Black Hat Feedback Form
"Best course I’ve attended. Engaging, entertaining, and very educational.” Core student

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