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Join us for Network Defense Range Training at Black Hat 2019!


We're very excited to announce that we'll be bringing our NDR training to Black Hat this year! Come join us for the Network Defense Range Crucible - Live Adversary Detection and Incident Response during Black Hat 2019 Trainings!

At Recon, we believe that hands-on, live-fire training is one of the best ways to learn security operations and incident response.

We've also noticed that good adversary defense simulations are few and far between. Firefighters don’t learn to fight fire from viewing Powerpoints. Similarly, network defenders need higher quality training as well. We want to fix this.

Our NDR Crucible training is built on a real, working environment that we subject to targeted, advanced adversary attacks. Via a wealth of tools, techniques, and processes, we help students develop and hone the skills of detecting, responding to, and ultimately defending against some of the world's most prolific attackers.

We hope you'll join us at Black Hat this year for an intense, hands-on, 4-day training. We looking forward to seeing you there!

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