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Recon Launches SOC X

The Recon team is excited to announce the launch of SOC X™, the Professional SOC Team World Championship! The inaugural event will be on March 4, 2021.

All too often security operations teams only receive attention when something goes wrong. Not any longer. SOC X™ brings together the best professional SOC and IR teams in the world to compete in a first-of-its-kind blue team competition.

Public and private organizations from around the world may field a single team of their 5 best SOC and IR operators. From remote locations, teams will simultaneously face Advanced Persistent Threats on a live-fire network. All participants will be on a level playing field using the same suite of digital forensics & incident response tools.

SOC X™ is not a game. There are no puzzles or trivia quizzes or multiple choice questions. It is a pure test of a team’s ability to detect, investigate, and remediate a hyper-realistic APT level attack on a live-fire enterprise network.

Teams will be scored and ranked based upon objective measures of how they detect and investigate the threat. All teams will see how they stacked up, but only the top teams are publicly recognized. The top team will walk away with the title of World Champion. Will that be you?

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We would love to train you and your team! Find more information about our offerings here, and drop us a line.

We've built comprehensively realistic attack scenarios modeled after real-world threat actors that target industries just like yours.

NDR shows teams how to take a structured approach to incident response. Additionally, it trains in effective team dynamics, such as delegation, communication, and documentation. Even the best and the brightest SOC teams can level up their soft skills while staying sharp on threat hunting.