Emergence of Akira Ransomware Group

Audit Active Directory Attack Paths with Bloodhound

A Tribute to OpenSOC

Recon was at CactusCon 11!

Another LastPass Breach and What You Should Know

Every Organization Needs Centralized Logging

Remote Access Done Right

Business Email Compromise & Wire Transfer Fraud

Recon InfoSec Expands Reach And Partner Program With Channel Partner Portal Launch

Recon InfoSec Offers Free Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Service for Critical Infrastructure Entities

Okta + LAPSUS$ Security Incident

Recon InfoSec Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification

Widespread Phishing and Business Email Compromise Campaign

Recon's Guide to Testing for the Log4J Vulnerability using Canarytokens

Recon's SOAR Playbook To Detect Log4J Exploitation

Scaling Enterprise Forensic Timelining


An Encounter with Ransomeware-as-a-Service: MEGAsync Analysis

An Encounter With TA551/Shathak

Threat Hunting - A Critical Component of High Performing SOCs

SOC X 2021 - A Recap

Detecting Threats with Graylog Pipelines - Part 3

Detecting Threats with Graylog Pipelines - Part 2

Detecting Threats with Graylog Pipelines - Part 1

The Training Secrets of Great Security Operations Teams

A SecDevOps Perspective on SUNBURST

Endpoint Logging For The Win!

Recon Launches SOC X

Recon Launches Network Defense Range (NDR) Live Online

Securing Your Velociraptor Deployment

Mapping Adversary Emulation Plans

Integrating Thinkst Canaries with TheHive

OpenSOC @ DEF CON 28 Safe Mode

Recon Provides Range Training for Military Cyber Protection Teams During COVID-19 Lockdown

Visualizing Geo IP Information using Python

Camp COVID - A Recap


Analysis Of Exploitation: CVE-2020-10189

Automating Detection Coverage Analysis with ATT&CK Navigator

Integrating Graylog With TheHive

Network Defense Range (NDR) Returning to BlackHat 2020

Graylog and Cylance Protect Integration

Brokering Other Cloud Resources Behind AWS Services

The Infrastructure, II

OpenSOC @ DC27 - Black Badge Edition!

Automating Graylog Pipelines

Analysis of Exploitation: CVE-2019-3396

Locking down ZeroTier peer-to-peer networks

Join us for Network Defense Range Training at Black Hat 2019!

A Tribute to devnull

The Infrastructure

Blue Team Village @ DEF CON 26

Geolocation via Pipelines in Graylog

Securing G Suite

G Suite DFIR - Part 1: Incident Response

US-CERT TA18-106A for the Rest of Us!

Meltdown and Spectre

Build a Free Private Mesh Network for Secure DevOps

Auditing G Suite Login Activity

When Browser Extensions Go Rogue

Slacking at Security Operations

Macro Security for Enterprise Defenders

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